Many artists have painted beautiful paintings, sculpted amazing sculptures, taken amazing photos, painted murals, sculpted wood, copper tooling, applied makeup artistry, created beautiful hair stylings, designed clothing, designed jewelry and so much more.  If you are an Artist with a vast array of photos or videos of your amazing creations, it is a simple yet classy process for us to create your artistic website.  You take the digital photos of your work, send them to us and we create the slideshows and photo shows of your work.  If you would like music applied to these photo shows, we will provide it for you.  

If you would like a small verbal introduction in a video format for your website, we will be happy to provide that as well, accompanied by a few of your beautiful photos of your art.  Should any of your pieces be for sale, we will create a purchase page where they will be able to contact you.  Simply send us any text or descriptions of your art pieces and we will insert them with each photo of your art.  A nice addition to your artistic website will be the area dedicated to you and your biography.

Give us your Menu, photos, videos and we will create a website that will keep people coming back.  People need to know what goes on at your establishment and keeping the public aware of new additions to the menu, new rooms for rent, even your latest Karaoke club addition will bring people coming through your doors.  Many people want to know WHAT FOOD DO YOU SERVE.  DO YOU HAVE SPECIALIZED OPTIONS SUCH AS VEGAN OR EVEN DIABETIC FOOD.

We have provided a few of our specialized options in website creation.  The Musician’s Website, The Artist's Website and Legacy Website.  Although we have outlined these websites, we create all styles of websites so please contact us with your amazing website idea creation and we will be happy to create it for you.​

The Musician's Website

Search and securement of your website Domain Name, Search Engine Optimization (meaning getting you noticed on the web), Written Text, Photo Shows, Still Images, Musical Photo Shows, Videos, E-Commerce, Social Media, Your Ideas!  Your options are best discussed with us to determine your needs and final pricing.  Price above is for technician artistry to create the website and extra costs include but are not limited to cost of web company name, cost of hosting site, website changes and incidentals.  

Our websites are simple, classy, artistic, musical, you name it, we can create it, and moreover, they are extremely affordable.  Having the option to simply send out your website in an email, on Facebook, Reverb Nation, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and on your new business card is a simple yet priceless option in getting all of your stuff to the right people.  Websites are everywhere, we know that.  We want to get your website out there working for you. 

Our Website Creation

​Contact Us to discuss a Jingle and Website Package.  If you are interested having us create your website and a Jingle we are happy to provide you with an affordable package price.

Our page created to purchase your music will contain playlists in album format with a photo of you on the playlist.  It will provide a few options for purchase such as Pay Pal, Visa or  Mastercard.  Should you not subscribe to this type of purchase option, we can simply insert a contact us form where they can send you an email order and then you make arrangements with them to email transfer or ground mail you the money.  A nice addition and a total must to your musical website will be the area dedicated to you and your biography.

The Artist's Website

Website Pricing Starting at $799.99

Musicians create and perform.  The main thing they want on a website is Their Music.  Whether you sing, play an instrument, write music or conduct music, The Musician's Website is a classy addition to your industry.  Whether it is a playlist of your recent CD, a video of your latest release, a photo show of clips from recent performances with one of your own songs added, your bio, and the option to allow fans to purchase your music, in this digital world, a musician needs this website to get noticed.


The  Restaurant Website

The ideas for creation for a website are endless.  We pride ourselves on creating that website for you that will be simple yet classy and reach your audience.  Items we have to offer in the creation of your website Included in our price are:

Website Options

Scroll Down For Creative Website Ideas

Jingle & Website Package

A Legacy Website is created with a montage of all of your achievements in one endearing website.  Websites don’t have to be created to just sell or promote something, they can be created to remind people of who you are and what you have accomplished and what you did in your life all while keeping families together and in the know about each other. 

Websites Starting at $799.99

​If you are a musician with a vast array of recorded music, photos or videos of your talent, it is a simple yet classy process for us to create your musical website.  Simply send us your mp3 songs, and photos you prefer on the site.  From here we will create musical photo shows, playlist albums and amazing slide shows of your talent.  We will discuss any written text ideas with you and come up with what words you would like written on the site.  If you would like a small verbal introduction in a video format for your website, sort of a small jingle, we will be happy to provide that as well, accompanied by a few of your performance photos.  

Legacy Website

The Business Website