Patrick is well know for his portrayal as the Godfather turned Slotfather and has received World Wide Recognition as the Voice of the Main Character in Betsoft's New Casino Game "SLOTFATHER II". 

All Speaking and Singing Voices Performed by Patrick Foote


This musical photo show medley includes excerpts of songs performed by Patrick.  The photos are those of Patrick performing in different genres and venues including the Air Canada Centre for City TV Canada's Got Talent, Paramount Centre performing O Canada and the Phantom of the Opera, benefit concerts and more.  The excerpts are from the following songs:  Bring Him Home, He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother, Their Voice, O Danny Boy and You Raise Me Up.

He Ain`t Heavy, He`s My Brother,

sung by Patrick Foote

Yogi Bear & Boo Boo

Ringo Starr

Mrs. Doubtfire

The Godfather Marlon Brando

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Peter Lorre


Fred Sanford

Maxwell Smart

Antonio Banderas, Ricardo Montalban

You Raise Me Up sung by,

Patrick Foote and Cheryl Cerri

Irish Cop

Patrick was one of the people selected to appear singing in the SWEET CAROLINE GLOBAL SING A LONG VIDEO.  The video can be viewed on youtube at:  


Patrick Foote's Music

On the Playlist below, you will find a selection of songs in different genres all performed by Voice Talent Artist  Patrick Foote.  

Bring Him Home, from Les Miserables

Sung by Patrick Foote

Cowardly Lion

Patrick is an accomplished singer, songwriter and VOICE TALENT ARTIST.

He has performed lead vocals in numerous bands of which he has several recordings to his credit.  His musical genre includes Christian, Country, Rock, Power Ballads, Broadway, Opera, Contemporary, Swing Jazz, Popular and more. He is an accomplished guitarist and pianist and has several years' recording studio experience.  

Patrick recently received World Wide Recognition as the Voice of the Main Character in Betsoft's New Casino Game "SLOTFATHER II".

His compositions take on a new life for each one he creates. His innate ability to mimic countless speaking voices and accents as well as sing in any genre, has given Patrick the opportunity to be very creative in the composition of his commercials, songs and written script.  You may have heard some of Patrick's commercials in the past on the radio for Nissan, Chrysler, Jeep, Infinity and more. A few examples of his creative voices range from Elvis to Mrs. Doubtfire, Austin Powers, Shrek, to Tony Montana, French, Scottish, British, Italian, you name it, Patrick can Sing it and Say it.   Patrick has recorded three CDs including his most recent CD called "Their Voice" with his wife Cheryl Cerri. Patrick's recording of Danny Boy on the CD Their Voice has gained recognition in Europe and is currently receiving much airplay.

His rendition of Bring Him Home from the noteable broadway musical Les Miserables which was originally performed by Colm Wilkinson, is a serious show stopper.  He has entertained in countless venues across Canada and moreover a recent performance in Memphis, Tennesee.  


Tony Montana

Patrick Foote

Old English Chap


  • Through The Barracades4:54
  • Bring Him Home, Les Miserables3:28
  • The Summer Wind2:44
  • Stand Tall3:33
  • Danny Boy4:07
  • You Raise Me Up, Duet4:05
  • The Dance3:00
  • Hello Again3:38
  • He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother4:49
  • Always On My Mind4:26
  • Their Voice4:05

James Cagney

Frank N Furter

Sean Connery

Danny Boy, sung by Patrick Foote

John Wayne

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Jack Nicholson


Thurston Howell the 3rd


Cartoon Characters

Wolfman Jack

Patrick Foote:  Biography