"The Classical Collection"

Classical CD with her mother

Eleanor Connors

Voice Instructor & Coach

Lessons are $25.00 per half hour

"Heart of Hearts"

Original CD

All songs except for one are written by Cheryl Cerri.  CD was originated by Cheryl to raise funds for Cancer Research

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Cheryl Cerri

"Here I Am"

Gospel CD

All songs written by Cheryl except for Amazing Grace

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Cheryl performing excerpts of songs displaying her 3 1/2 octave range, her ability to sing in different styles and genres.​

Time To Say Goodbye - Opera - Sarah Brightman

Everytime - Popular - Britney Spears

Have You Ever Been In Love - Celine Dion

I Dreamed A Dream - Les Miserables - Broadway

I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

Memory - Cats - Broadway

Foolish Games - Pop - Jewel

We Shall Behold Him - Christian

Cheryl is the recipient of the Milan, Italy Operatic Award, the Ontario Country Music Award (recorded in Nashville, Tennessee), the Bud Country Music Award, the Z103 Music Writing Award, the Canadian Star Pageant Award to name a few.  Her vocal singing range is that of 3 ½ octaves and she sings in almost any genre.  She has released five compact discs that encompass releases for the Cancer Centre, a Gospel CD, a Classical CD with her mother ( a concert pianist), a Christmas CD and most recently a CD with her husband Patrick called Their Voice, to benefit fundraising efforts for the homeless.

The Lesson

"Their Voice"

Lead song written with her husband Patrick Foote to benefit the homeless

Cheryl Cerri has several years’ experience as a vocal instructor and coach.  Having studied voice through the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as studies in Milan, Italy, Sudbury, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario, Cheryl has a vast span of musical knowledge.  Her performances and recordings are numerous and she has won several awards both in Opera as well as Country Music and also awards for her song writing abilities.  Cheryl has been the co-owner, producer and actress in her own theatre company and produced large scale operettas such as The Mikado, The Pirates Of Penzance and more including many concerts and broadway reviews.  She was invited by Canadian Parliament to perform on Canada Day on Parliament Hill for the CBC televised production.  She has also performed our Canadian and the American National Anthems at both the Sky Dome and Air Canada Centre.

Musical Photo Show form Cheryl Cerri

Cheryl has recorded and released 5 official Compact Discs.  Her most recent with her husband Patrick called Their Voice, A Gospel CD, a Classical CD with her mother, a Christmas CD and a CD called Heart of Hearts to benefit cancer research.  She has composed several originals, one being a song called The Canadian Dream which is the song that got her invited to sing on Canada Day on Parliament Hill

Recordings & Discography

"Old Fashioned Christmas"

Lead song and a few others written by Cheryl and including other Christmas Classics such as O Holy Night. 

Cheryl concentrates on proper technique and her students learn the importance of proper breath control, the quality of their singing tone as well as teaching the student the proper placement of notes and where they resonate.  In her lessons she also adorns the student with the options to sing in the genre that best suits their vocal chords.  The lessons consist of vocal scales and studies as well as music taught in the genres of Opera, Broadway, Country, Contemporary and includes the options to learn music that can be sung by the student at venues such as Funeral Services, Weddings, Conferences, theatre productions, church services and more.

Cheryl believes Music Should Be Fun, Touch the Heart and Inspire!

.Cheryl believes that delving into the soul of music and finding the right fit for the student's voice makes a difference in the student's learning and performing process. 

Experience & Education

"The Canadian Dream"

Original by Cheryl

Written for Canada

Dignitaries in Parliament Invited Cheryl to sing on Canada Day on CBC TV after hearing this song.

Awards & Recordings